Lavado y planchado por "Aquel chico..."

Meet Thomas. 20 years old. Fed up with life
and the way things are going, he decides to rob a liquor store
but on his way in, he has a sudden change of heart
and suddenly his concience comes into play:

"Don't you see this is like build sand castles below the rain?.
You know are those that will disappear once and again.

The situation is cold as a funeral without people,
as a life without witnesses. Things were done by chance
long time ago, but now we have realized about each other's pride.
This link must change before we sink.
I prefer to come back through the same paths
that have took us to this point.

It's just a game, a game without instructions.
Something everybody know how to play it, though we don't.

I'm still confused. To fight or not to fight: that is the question.

Let time take its time and let me think for a while
if we are guilty or if we are victims.

'cause... we are victims, right??.

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Ooh, cuánto tiempo sin oír esa canción.... molas menos desde que sé lo tuyo con los Spurs, pero molas xD